Casa Barry Activities

Snorkeling & Diving
We provide our guests with an unforgettable diving experience. As founders of diving in Tofo, our extensive knowledge ensures that our visitors experience diving on a whole new level. Unlike the larger, more commercial dive operators, we focus on smaller groups, ensuring a much more personal experience.

The seas around Tofo are renowned for the outstanding fishing that is enjoyed by many all year round. The first 1000lb marlin caught off the African coast was caught right here in Tofo waters! Because of the very steep drop off, caused by the Mozambique current coming very close to the land, a huge array of different game fish and an abundance of bill fish are located very close to the shore.

Estuary Tours
This four-hour tour will take you in and between the various sand islands where you can spend time seeking out the lovely pansy shells and various sea critters that call these sandy banks home. The estuary is full of mangrove forests which act as a large breeding ground for many different species of fish and marine life, so you will be treated to a lot to see. Some of the more exotic species we have been blessed to see were humpback dolphins, sea mice, sea hares and sea cucumbers. Seeing one of these exotic marine animals makes a trip even more spectacular and we urge all our visitors to partake in this activity.Snorkelling is of course a must, where you will be able to see beautiful star fish and sea horses submerged under the crystal blue water.

Manta Ray and Whale Shark Research Centre
They conduct and facilitate their research, conservation and education on the marine life of Mozambique right here! Impressively, Tofo is the manta ray and whale shark capital of the world, and as such the Research Centre is a very interesting place to visit during your stay.

Other Activities
Whether you come to dive among our manta rays and whale sharks, marvel at the picturesque sight of Tofo bay from our restaurant deck, or soak up the warm Mozambique sun on our powdery beaches, Tofo will impress as being just about as close to heaven as is possible to find on earth.
Apart from the more obvious reasons for visiting Tofo, as outlined in detail above, you can also enjoy some of the following activities nearby:
•    Bird Watching
•    Horse Riding
•    Paddling – Canoeing
•    Paddling – Sea Kayaking
•    Surfing
•    Yachting
•    Walking
•    Whale Watching
•    Ocean Safaris
•    Mangrove Walks